Intrusion/Fire Alarm Permits

Alarm Permits and False Alarm Prevention

The City of Manhattan has an ordinance making it unlawful for any person to own, operate, manage or otherwise control any alarm system unless the city has issued an alarm permit to that person. This ordinance affects all alarm users. An alarm user is any person who owns, operates, manages or is otherwise in control of an alarm system or is in control of the building, structure, premises or facility upon which an alarm system is located.

Alarm User Permits

For an alarm user permit, please click here to fill out the application and make payment.  You may also bring or mail a check to the Risk Reduction office, Headquarters Fire Station, 2000 Denison Ave.  

Cost for the permit is $25. A permit is nontransferable; however, it is valid as long as the permit holder continuously operates the alarm system at the same location. Please read the City of Manhattan False Ordinance Summary before submitting your application.

False Alarms

A false alarm is the activation of an alarm system resulting in a response by the Riley County Police Department or the Fire Department when a situation requiring a response does not, in fact, exist. A false alarm may be the result of, but not limited to, mechanical or electric failure, malfunction, improper installation, improper adjustment, accidental tripping, misoperation, misuse, defect or negligence of a person. Whenever the alarm coordinator determines that an alarm was a false alarm, the alarm coordinator will give notice to the alarm user of such determination.

There will be no fees assessed for the first, second or third false alarm. Starting with the fourth false alarm, the following fees will be assessed: fourth, $50; fifth, $100; sixth, $150; seventh, $200; eighth and each subsequent false alarm, $250. The number of alarms will be counted on a calendar year basis. All fees must be submitted to the alarm coordinator within thirty (30) days of the notice.


If you have any questions concerning this ordinance, please contact Assistant Chief Ryan Courtright at 785-587-4504 or Captain Scott Hajek with Riley County Police Department at 785-537-2112.