Frederick Douglass Recreation Complex Advisory Board

Frederick Douglass Recreation Complex Advisory Board

The Board shall make reports and recommendations to the governing body on all matters referred to it, and as the Board deems advisable, shall make recommendations related to the operation of the Fredrick Douglass Recreation Complex, including its facility, programs and services.

The board consists of seven members — A reasonable and good faith effort shall be made to ensure that at least two of the members are residents of Riley County voting district Ward 1, Precinct 1. The remaining members may be residents from any part of the city.

Staff Liaison

Dereck Thomas, Recreation Supervisor
Email Dereck Thomas

Aaron Stewart, Director of Parks and Recreation
Email Aaron Stewart

Additional Information

Interested in being a member of the Frederick Douglass Recreation Complex Advisory Board?


The board meets the second Thursday each month 5:45 P.M. in Community Room at the Douglass Activity Center at 925 Yuma Street.


  • Constance M. Birdsong, Chair
    • Term expires: 10/02/24
  • Kevin Bryant
    • Term expires: 10/02/26
  • Adrian Cruz
    • Term expires: 10/02/25
  • Karla Hagemeister
    • Term expires 10/02/24
  • Sterling Hudgins
    • Term expires: 10/02/24
  • Debbie Nuss
    • Term expires: 10/02/26
  • Karl Rivers
    • Term expires: 10/02/25