Social Services Advisory Board

[Dissolved December 2022]

The Social Services Advisory Board was created in 1988 to establish and recommend a framework that the city government may use to determine guidelines for providing funds to social services agencies that serve the city and the amounts to be allocated to each of these agencies.

The Social Services Advisory Board:

  • Evaluated the social service needs of the city.
  • Evaluated what role the city should play in funding those needs.
  • Established guidelines for determining whether a particular activity is a social service in order to determine if city funds should be used to fund the activity.
  • Made written reports to the governing body as requested.
  • Provided on-going review of all social services funded by the city to determine the effectiveness, quality of service, ongoing needs and other matters the board deems appropriate.

The Social Services Advisory Board was dissolved by the City Commission on December 20, 2022.