Development in Manhattan

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Residential Development Map

The Residential Development Map is intended as a service to residents to show where residential developments are occurring or are planned to occur around the community.

Commercial Development Map

The Commercial Development Map shows where commercial development, redevelopment, and investment through commercial building additions and alterations has occurred in Manhattan over the previous five years. It includes information on what types of commercial developments are being built, the cost of the investment, and where it all is taking place. Over $185 million in commercial development was invested in the city from 2013-2017, an increase of 3.6% from 2012-2016. Of that, $100 million was new construction and $85 million was additions and alterations to existing commercial development. This information was gathered through permit data.

Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan

The adopted Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan shows future growth areas in and around the community and the type of development recommended for those areas.

More Information

If you have questions, contact the Community Development Department at 785-587-2412.