Application Forms & Instructions

Pre-Application Conference

Before making an application for the actions below, you will need to schedule a pre-application conference to discuss what is being proposed, review submission requirements, and review the application and approval process. Please use this online form and scheduler to get started. You will be able to upload any relevant documents as well. 

The purpose of a pre-application conference is to familiarize the applicant with the development review and approval process, provide for an exchange of information with City staff, advise the applicant as to key planning, zoning and engineering, and other considerations, and to determine the information required to accompany an application. They are generally required for Annexations, Rezonings, Preliminary Plats, Replats, Substantial Modifications to a Planned Unit Development, Conditional Uses, and any other request the Zoning Administrator deems advisable to do so. There is no fee for a pre-application conference. They are held on a set schedule, twice a month on alternating Thursdays. You will need to schedule the meeting at least seven days prior.

Forms & Instructions

The following links provide access to forms and instructions for making application to the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Historic Resources Board, and various administrative applications to the City of Manhattan.

Please note that applications must be submitted in complete form with all supporting information before they will be scheduled for a public hearing. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the due date listed on the board schedules

Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board

To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Senior Planner Barry Beagle at 785-587-2412.

Board of Zoning Appeals

To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact  785-587-2412. 

Other Forms & Instructions

To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Senior Planner Barry Beagle at 785-587-2412.

Historic Resources Board

To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Planner Ben Chmiel at 785-587-2412.