Transit Implementation Plan

The original Transit Implementation Plan was developed in 2001 as an analysis of transit issues related to the Manhattan Area Transportation Strategy.

Plan Update
An update was completed in 2010 due to unprecedented growth in the Manhattan area. The purpose of this planning effort was to review the feasibility of a citywide fixed-route transit system and to determine the best approach for developing, financing and managing the service. In addition, the study analyzed options to move people to major employers and service centers within the region.

The study builds on the 2001 Transit Implementation Plan and provides a process to define short-term and long-term feasibility for transit in Manhattan and the surrounding area. It identifies the building blocks for a transit system and charts a course of development from today’s system to a future system. Four basic questions are addressed:
  • What market conditions for transit have changed since 2001?
  • What are the anticipated changes in these conditions during the next five to 10 years?
  • What opportunities are there to use current resources to address the above market areas in the short term?
  • What does a future, long-term Manhattan area transit system look like, how would it work and how does the community develop such a system?

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