Code of Ethics

City of Manhattan Code of Ethics

Following a lengthy process that focused on engaging representatives from our community and organization, the City of Manhattan has adopted a Code of Ethics that will serve as a guideline for continually strengthening the ethical culture throughout the organization. The city's code is applicable to staff as well as elected and appointed officials, including volunteer members of the city’s various Advisory Boards and Committees.

During its October 21, 2008, meeting the city commission approved Policy Resolution No. 102108-B, which established a Code of Ethics for the city's elected and appointed officials. The resolution also granted specific authority and direction to the city manager to establish and maintain a comparable administrative Code of Ethics and relevant administrative policies for the city's employees.

If you would like more information about the City of Manhattan's Code of Ethics, please contact Tammy Galvan at 785-587-2444 or via email.

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Updated: September 2009