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Mar 18

2019 Community Survey hitting inboxes and mailboxes

Posted on March 18, 2019 at 1:22 PM by Vivienne Uccello

(MANHATTAN, KS – March 11, 2019) Approximately 5,000 Manhattan households will be receiving a website link and unique password to access the City of Manhattan's 2019 Community Survey via email on March 18. The City will be utilizing emails from utility billing accounts. In order to also reach households without email, post cards with the survey link will be mailed to a random sample of 1,000 Manhattan addresses who do not have an email linked to their utility bill.

Residents will be asked to weigh in on questions related to quality of life, satisfaction of city services, and support for future projects and funding sources. The survey also asks basic demographic information such as household size, income, and length of residency. The survey should be completed by someone older than 18 in the household. All responses will be kept con?dential.

This will be the third biennial Community Survey administered by the City of Manhattan. The first was conducted in 2015 and administered by mail to a random sample of 2000 residents. In 2017, the survey was mailed to 2,500 residents but included the option of filling out the survey online. The 2019 survey will be completely online. However, if a selected household does not have online access to complete they survey there will be an option to request a paper copy.

"Moving the survey online will allow the City to reach more households at a lower cost, while also ensuring the sample is representative of the Manhattan population. Each neighborhood will represented proportionately within the sample based on the total number of households within city limits." said Jared Wasinger, assistant to the city manager. "We want to see a high response rate, so we're asking residents to be on the lookout for an email or postcard in case they have been selected."

Results will be presented to the Manhattan City Commission this summer.

For more information about previous survey results, visit the City of Manhattan website at

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