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Posted on: August 6, 2018

How to Use a Roundabout

scenic drive roundabout

RCPD recently published a Twitter thread with an excellent explanation of the basic rules for navigating a roundabout.

Raise your hand if you think you know how to drive in a roundabout. OK, now raise your hand if you think no one else knows how to drive in a roundabout. Did you raise your hands both times? We thought so.

In the past several years, roundabouts and diverging diamonds have made their way into Manhattan. Smaller roundabouts are easier to navigate. The concept is simple — yield to the person already in the roundabout.

When roundabouts get larger and have more lanes, it gets a little more complicated, but it still goes back to the basics — yield to the person already in the roundabout.

Take a look at the roundabout at Scenic Drive. It’s easy to see where you can and can’t go when you see it from this angle. But down on the roadways it doesn’t seem as simple for some drivers, so we want to help explain the right-of-ways.

If you are entering the roundabout — you must yield to vehicles already in the roundabout. If you are crossing dashed lines, you are making a lane change and must yield to other vehicles in the lane into which you are merging.

Dashed white lines between traffic mean you may cross traffic if a safe gap in traffic is available. Solid white lines between lanes of traffic means you must stay in the lane unless a special situation requires a lane change.

In some cases, the arrows tell you which directions you are required to go, in other cases, the arrows give you options of where you can go. straight arrowmeans you can go straight. curved arrowmeans you can follow the curve 

straight arrowcurved arrowmeans you can go straight or follow the curve.

To alert other drivers, use your signal and indicate when you are exiting the roundabout or changing lanes. Remember, if you miss your desired exit, it’s always ok to stay in the roundabout and try again.

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