Parks and Recreation


1101 Poyntz Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502


Email the Parks & Recreation Department
Link: Manhattan Parks & Recreation website

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Stewart, Aaron Director of Parks and Recreation Email Aaron Stewart  (785) 587-2757  
Leyva, Alfonso Park Planner Email Alfonso Leyva  785-587-2740  
Fritzson, Janelle Office Coordinator Email Janelle Fritzson   (785) 587-2762  
Renner, Chelsea Senior Administrative Assistant Email Chelsea Renner  (785) 587-2754  

Animal Shelter 

605 Levee Dr.
Manhattan, KS 66502


Email the Animal Shelter

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Mohler, Mike Cemetery Sexton Email Mike Mohler  785-587-2780  

Flint Hills Discovery Center 

315 South Third Street
Manhattan, KS 66502


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, Susan Flint Hills Discovery Center Director Email Susan Adams  (785) 587-2741  
Garrett, Roy Exhibits/Operations Manager Email Roy Garrett  (785) 587-2726 ext. 5606  
Bridenstine, Stephen Assistant FHDC Director/Development Email Stephen Bridenstine  (785) 587-2742  
Likes, Deanna Marketing Coordinator Email Deanna Likes  785-587-2726 ext. 5610  
Mertz, Jonathan Event Sales Coordinator Email Jonathan Mertz  785-587-2726 ext. 5607  
Cullers, Penny FHDC Gift Store Coordinator Email Penny Cullers  (785) 587-2726 ext. 5604  
Hildreth, Mary FHDC Guest Services & Membership Manager Email Mary Hildreth  (785) 587-2726 ext. 5609  
Colburn, Kat FHDC Education Supervisor Email Kat Colburn  (785) 587-2726 ext. 5608  
Dreher, Sally Curator of Education Sally Dreher - FHDC Curator of Education  (785) 587-2726 ext. 5603  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Smithson, Casey Park Superintendent Email Casey Smithson  785-587-2757  
Mattox, J. David Forestry Supervisor Email J. David Mattox  785-587-2757  
Kramer , Cody Horticulturalist Email Cody Kramer  785-587-2778  
Western, Dave Park Supervisor Email Dave Western  785-587-2789  
Cornelius, Chelsea Senior Administrative Assistant Email Chelsea Cornelius  (785) 340-3314  


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baker, David Douglass Center Director Email Dave Baker  (785) 587-2774  
Burroughs, Tyler Recreation Supervisor (Sports) Email Tyler Burroughs  (785) 587-2769  
Baker, Sydni Recreation Specialist (Aquatics) Email Sydni Baker  (785) 587-2457  
Ceaser, Deacon Recreation Supervisor (Arts & Humanities) Email Deacon Ceaser  (785) 587-2755  
Haar, Andy Recreation Supervisor (Facilities) Email Andy Haar  (785) 587-2756  
Curtis, Chris Recreation Superintendent Email Chris Curtis  (785) 587-2763  

Sunset Zoo 

2333 Oak St.
Manhattan, KS 66502


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Shoemaker, Scott Zoo Director Email Scott Shoemaker  785-587-2737  
Bixby, Jared Curator of Education Email Jared Bixby  (785) 587-2737  
Davoren, Brian Zoo Curator of Horticulture & Facilities Email Brian Davoren  785-587-2737  
Kirkwood, Melissa Event Sales Coordinator Email Melissa Kirkwood  785-587-2737  
Jones, Tammy Administrative Assistant/Membership Coordinator Email Tammy Jones  (785) 587-2737  
Nemechek, Kirk Zoo Curator of Animal Care Email Kirk Nemechek  785-587-2737  
Wade, Nicole Programs & Education Animals Manager Email Nicole Wade  785-587-2737  
Kirkwood, Melissa Marketing/Development Officer Email Melissa Kirkwood  785-587-2737