What are the benefits of the new FIRMs?
The Risk MAP project will have the following benefits:
Community planners and local officials will gain a greater understanding of the flood hazards and risks that affect Manhattan and can therefore improve local planning activities.
Builders and developers will have access to more detailed information for making decisions on where to build and how construction can affect local flood hazard areas.
Insurance, realty and lending professionals will have easy online access to updates and upcoming changes in order to serve their customers and community more efficiently.
Home and business owners will have the ability to make better financial decisions about protecting their properties.

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1. What is a floodplain and how do I determine if my property is located in this area?
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7. What are the benefits of the new FIRMs?
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10. What will happen if my property is remapped from a high-risk to a moderate- or low-risk area?
11. What does the new Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act mean for me?
12. When do the new maps become effective?