Where do I start?
To determine how much coverage you need, take a room-by-room inventory of your home, and assign a price value to each of your possessions. Your beds, rugs, clothes, electronics and even your microwave are valuable. Shop around for coverage. Go online, talk to your friends, call insurance agencies and compare prices. There are many types of coverage and available discounts, so don't settle for the first policy you find. Choose the best plan for you and your family.

If you are already insured, review the amount of coverage you currently have and how much you need to maximize your security. Ask your landlord or property manager if you qualify for pre-approved discounts with their insurance company.

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1. What is renters insurance?
2. Why do I need renters insurance?
3. Doesn’t my landlord’s insurance protect my personal property?
4. What does renters insurance cover?
5. What isn't covered?
6. What are my insurance coverage options?
7. Who can I call if I have other questions?
8. Where do I start?
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10. What should I ask my insurance agent?