I have seen markers on storm drains. What do they mean?
The markers found on Manhattan's storm drains say, "No Dumping, Leads to River," and are in place to remind each of us that anything we dump into storm drains or leave on the ground will find its way into our local streams, rivers and lakes. The City of Manhattan's Storm Drain Marking Program is based on volunteers. If your organization would like to help, contact us at stormwater@cityofmhk.com or 785-587-2441.

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1. Isn't stormwater runoff natural and harmless because it only consists of rainwater?
2. Are sewers and storm drains the same thing?
3. What solutions exist to solve stormwater problems?
4. What kinds of pollutants are found in the storm drain system?
5. What is NPDES?
6. Why doesn't the city build a stormwater treatment facility?
7. What is the City of Manhattan doing about illegal dumping into storm drains?
8. I have seen markers on storm drains. What do they mean?
9. Is it OK to wash my car in my driveway?
10. Is it OK to wash or sweep leaves, grass, soil and/or other natural elements down the storm drain?
11. Is it OK to wash out my paintbrushes or similar items in the gutter?
12. Is it OK to leave pet waste on the ground?
13. Why should I care about what goes down the storm drain?
14. What can I do to make a difference?
15. What happens if I see someone dumping trash, oil, etc., into a storm drain?