What are the regulations regarding campaign signs?

Political Sign Regulations within the Manhattan City Limits

The regulations for the display of political signs within the city limits of Manhattan are contained in Subsec. 26-7D-7G of the Manhattan Development Code (MDC). This summary is provided only as general guidance.

When are political signs allowed?

45 days before an election until two days after such election

Where are political signs allowed?

  • On private property, or within the right-of-way of city streets immediately adjacent to private property
  • At least six feet from the back of the curb
  • Political signs are not allowed:
    1. within the center median
    2. within the center island or splitter island of a roundabout
    3. in any placement or manner that obstructs or interferes with a clear-vision triangle or creates a safety hazard

What type of signs are allowed?

  • Unlighted signs that are not permanently affixed to the ground or to a building or other structure
  • A gross area of no more than sixteen square feet
  • No more than four feet in height

Is permission or a permit required?

  • The property owner or tenant (or, for signs placed in the right-of-way of city streets, the owner or tenant of the adjacent private property) must grant permission for the placement of the sign(s)
  • No City sign permit is required

Who is liable?

The owner(s), and tenant(s), if any, of property where a political sign is displayed are responsible for any violation relating to the sign’s size or placement. The person, party, or parties responsible for the placement or distribution of a political sign are liable for its removal within two days after the election.

What about the right-of-way of State highways?

The Kansas Department of Transportation does not allow signs within the right-of-way of any State highway, which includes Seth Child Road (Hwy. 113), Fort Riley Boulevard (Hwy. 18), and Tuttle Creek Boulevard and East Poyntz Avenue (Hwy. 24). Riley County GIS may help to determine the location of the edge of the right-of-way along these routes. 

If you have any questions, please call Community Development at 785-587-2412

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