What are the regulations regarding campaign signs?

The Manhattan Zoning Regulations permit campaign signs within the city limits, as long as they remain on private property and further comply with the requirements of Section 6-109 of the Sign Regulations.  To comply with applicable State and Federal case law, the previous time limits of when a campaign sign can be displayed before or after an election has been rescinded by City Ordinance No. 7114, which adopted new Sign Regulations on December 2, 2014.

To ensure that signs are not placed in a public right of way, the following guidelines should be followed along most streets:

  • Signs should be placed behind sidewalks; if there is no sidewalk, signs should be placed at least 15 feet behind the curb.
  • Major streets such as Seth Child Road, Fort Riley Boulevard, Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Kimball Avenue, and U.S. Highway 24 usually require much greater setbacks, and are often fenced and/or have large drainage ditches, behind which signs should be placed.
  • Finally, it is recommended that care be taken to ensure that vision is not blocked near street intersections.

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