What are some examples of public accommodations?
A public accommodation is any person who caters or offers goods, services, facilities or accommodations to the public. For example, any restaurant, bar, salon, grocery store, gas station, photography service, rental venue, retail store, medical or business office open to the public would be considered a public accommodation.

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1. What is the intent of the amendment to the Non-Discrimination Ordinance?
2. Who does the amendment protect?
3. Who must comply with the amendment?
4. What are some examples of public accommodations?
5. How does this amendment affect restrooms and changing facilities?
6. What does the amendment allow me to do if I believe I have been discriminated against?
7. Is the Human Rights and Services Board involved in the complaint process?
8. Will there be a filing fee for a complaint with the City?
9. What would I do if I have had a City complaint filed against me?
10. Then what happens?
11. What happens if I don’t like the investigator’s decision or I don’t want to settle?
12. What are the penalties?
13. Is this a crime?
14. Can a City complaint be filed against a person who makes an offensive comment or gesture toward someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity?
15. When will this ordinance be effective?