What is massage therapy?

Sec. 19-61 defines massage therapy as “a service involving the external manipulation or pressure of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. It is the application of a system of structured touch, pressure, movement and holding of the soft tissue of the human body in which the primary intent is to relieve pain, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation and enhance or restore the health and well-being of the client. The practice of massage therapy includes complementary methods, including the external application of water, heat, cold, lubrication, salt scrubs, body wraps or other topical preparations; and electromechanical devices that mimic or enhance the actions possible by the hands.”

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1. When did this ordinance take effect?
2. What is massage therapy?
3. What is the fee for a massage therapist application?
4. What are the educational requirements for a new massage therapist license?
5. Are continuing education units (CEUs) required for massage therapists upon renewal of license?
6. Are students of massage therapy required to obtain a massage therapist license?
7. Are criminal background checks involved?
8. What will prevent a person from being issued a massage therapist or establishment license?
9. What is the fee for a massage therapy establishment license?
10. Are operators of the establishment (besides the license applicant) subject to the fee and background check?
11. Can I operate a massage therapy establishment as a home occupation within a residential building?
12. Do I need to be a licensed massage therapist to apply for a massage therapy establishment license or operate a massage therapy establishment?
13. Do I need to fill out and pay for both applications if I am a massage therapist and have a massage therapy establishment?
14. What if the information or location related to my massage therapy establishment changes?
15. Are there any rules when operating a massage therapy establishment?