What is the fee for a massage therapy establishment license?

Sec. 19-72 establishes the fee for a new or renewal massage therapy establishment application at $200.

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1. When did this ordinance take effect?
2. What is massage therapy?
3. What is the fee for a massage therapist application?
4. What are the educational requirements for a new massage therapist license?
5. Are continuing education units (CEUs) required for massage therapists upon renewal of license?
6. Are students of massage therapy required to obtain a massage therapist license?
7. Are criminal background checks involved?
8. What will prevent a person from being issued a massage therapist or establishment license?
9. What is the fee for a massage therapy establishment license?
10. Are operators of the establishment (besides the license applicant) subject to the fee and background check?
11. Can I operate a massage therapy establishment as a home occupation within a residential building?
12. Do I need to be a licensed massage therapist to apply for a massage therapy establishment license or operate a massage therapy establishment?
13. Do I need to fill out and pay for both applications if I am a massage therapist and have a massage therapy establishment?
14. What if the information or location related to my massage therapy establishment changes?
15. Are there any rules when operating a massage therapy establishment?