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1. How do I pay my utility bill?
2. Who do I call for water service or disconnect?
3. When should I let someone know that my water bill is higher than usual?
4. If I have a water problem at night, on weekends or holidays, what do I do?
5. What should I do if I am gone for an extended period?
6. What is the quality of our drinking water?
7. What is the source of our water?
8. How does the city treat our drinking water?
9. Will a leak on the city water main affect my water usage and bill?
10. Does the city add fluoride to the water?
11. When am I, the owner, responsible for upkeep concerning my water pipes?
12. How are Manhattan's utility rates compared to other cities?
13. Am I billed a flat rate or by my usage for water?
14. Can I connected City water and sewer if my property is located outside of the City Limits?