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1. What is the size of the entire 2018 city budget?
2. What is the sales tax rate in Manhattan?
3. What is the outstanding estimated total debt of the city as of the end of 2017?
4. What is the city mill rate and the combined mill rate of the city, Riley County and USD 383 for 2018?
5. Where do my property taxes go?
6. Where do the sales taxes collected go?
7. What is a special assessment?
8. Why are special assessments good for Manhattan and its residents?
9. How can I learn more about special assessments?
10. How are special assessments paid by the property owner once they are authorized?
11. Can a property owner pay off special assessments after the 30 day early pay off period has expired?
12. Why would a property owner want to pay off their specials early?
13. In terms of dollars, how large is the special assessment program?
14. How does the city invest idle funds?