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Community Development

  1. Aggieville Community Vision Feedback Form

    Leave your feedback for the Aggieville Community Vision planning process

  2. Contact Form Neighborhood MHK - Residents

    Please fill out the information below to be added to the email contact list for your neighborhood.

  3. Major Review Application for Historic Resources

    This application is for larger-scale projects affecting historic properties (properties listed on the State or National Register, or... More…

  1. CDBG 2019 CAPER Comment Submission
  2. Historic Review Application Upload

    Upload Major and Minor Review Application PDFs for historic review. Upload photos and construction documents/plans as well.

  3. Minor Review Application for Historic Resources

    For smaller-scale projects affecting historic properties (properties listed on the State or National Register, or are contributing in a... More…

Contact Us

  1. Aaron Estabrook - Commissioner
  2. Alfonso Leyva - Park Planner

    Contact Alfonso Leyva - Park Planner

  3. Andrew Darrow - IS Support Specialist
  4. Barry Beagle - Senior Planner
  5. Bill Dickinson - Traffic Superintendent
  6. Brenda Wolf - City Clerk

    Contact Brenda Wolf, City Clerk

  7. Brian Johnson - City Engineer
  8. Chad Bunger - Assistant Director of Community Development

    Contact Chad Bunger, Assistant Director of Community Development.

  9. Chelsea Cornelius - Customer Service Specialist

    Contact Chelsea Cornelius, Customer Service Specialist

  10. Christa Grunewald - Senior Administrative Assistant
  11. Cody Kramer - Horticulturalist
  12. Daphne McNelly - Senior Administrative Assistant
  13. Deborah Watkins - Animal Shelter Director
  14. Eddie Eastes - Director of Parks & Recreation, CPRP

    Contact Eddie Eastes, Director of Parks & Recreation, CPRP

  15. Eric Cattell - Director of Community Development

    Contact Eric Cattell, Director of Community Development

  16. Hank Julian - IS Support Specialist
  17. J. David Mattox - Forestry Supervisor
  18. Jared Bixby - Curator of Education
  19. Jason Hilgers - Deputy City Manager

    Contact Jason Hilgers, Deputy City Manager.

  20. Jeff Mayer - Recreation Supervisor - Facilities
  21. John Adam - Senior Planner - Long Range
  22. Jurina Watts - Volunteer Coordinator
  23. Katie Bennett - Office Coordinator
  24. Ken Hays - Project Coordinator
  25. Kim Boice - Administrative/Finance Assistant

    Contact Kim Boice, Administrative/Finance Assistant

  26. Kirk Nemechek - Head Animal Keeper
  27. Linda Morse - Commissioner
  28. Marilyn Senff - Utility Billing Specialist

    Contact Marilyn Senff, Utility Billing Specialist

  29. Mark Kewley - Network Coordinator
  30. Matt Lamb - Park Supervisor
  31. Melissa Kirkwood - Marketing/Development Officer
  32. Nicole Wade - Education Specialist
  33. Parks & Recreation Department

    Contact the Parks & Recreation Department

  34. Randi Clifford - Recreation Director

    Contact Randi Clifford - Recreation Director

  35. Rina Neal - City Controller
  36. Ron Fehr - City Manager

    Contact Ron Fehr, City Manager.

  37. Ryan McKee - Recreation Supervisor - Special Events & Tournaments
  38. Scott Shoemaker - Zoo Director
  39. Stephen Bridenstine - Public Program Coordinator
  40. Susan Mullin - Customer Service Supervisor

    Contact Susan Mullin, Customer Service Supervisor

  41. T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter
  42. Theresa Britt - Stormwater Officer
  43. Vickie Riniker - Executive Secretary
  44. Wyatt Thompson - Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation, PLA, ASLA, CPSI

    Contact Wyatt Thompson - Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation, PLA, ASLA, CPSI

  1. Abdu Durar - Environmental Compliance Manager
  2. Ami Albert - Senior Financial Analyst

    Contact Ami Albert, Senior Financial Analyst.

  3. Ashley Woodworth - Assistant City Clerk

    Contact Ashley Woodworth, Assistant City Clerk

  4. Ben Chmiel - Planner II - Long Range

    Contact Ben Chmiel, Planner II

  5. Brandon Keazer - Assistant Airport Director

    Contact Brandon Keazer, Assistant Airport Director

  6. Brian Davoren - General Curator
  7. Casey Smithson - Park Superintendent
  8. Charlie Weeks - Airport Maintenance Supervisor

    Contact Charlie Weeks, Airport Maintenance Supervisor

  9. Chelsea Johnson - Senior Administrative Assistant

    Contact Chelsea Johnson - Senior Administrative Assistant

  10. Christina L'Ecuyer - Grant Administrator
  11. Courtney Dehn - Event Sales Coordinator
  12. Dave Baker - Douglass Community Center Director
  13. Dennis Marstall - Assistant City Manager

    Contact Dennis Marstall, Assistant City Manager.

  14. Eli Martinson - GIS Coordinator
  15. Ethan Kloster - Water Treatment Plant Superintendent
  16. Human Resources

    Contact the Human Resources Department

  17. Janelle Fritzson - Parks & Recreation Operations Officer

    Contact Janelle Fritzson - Parks & Recreation Operations Officer

  18. Jared Wasinger - Assistant to the City Manager

    Contact Jared Wasinger, Assistant to the City Manager.

  19. Jeff Davis - Street and Fleet Superintendent
  20. Jesse Romo - Airport Director

    Contact Jesse Romo, Manhattan Regional Airport Director

  21. Jonathan Mertz - Event Sales Coordinator
  22. Karen Becker - Principal Civil Engineer
  23. Kelly Walters - Recreation Supervisor - Adult Sports
  24. Kendra Kuhlman - Assistant Director/Development
  25. Kirk Meyer - Information Systems Manager
  26. Kristen Dolf

    Contact Kristen Dolf

  27. Logan Singhisen - Recreation Supervisor - Youth Sports
  28. Mark Hatesohl - Commissioner
  29. Matt Krajkoski - IS Support Specialist
  30. Mayor Usha Reddi
  31. Mike Mohler - Cemetery Sexton
  32. Norm Francis - Utilities Superintendent
  33. Penny Cullers - Gift Store Coordinator
  34. Randy DeWitt - Assistant Director of Public Works/Water and Wastewater
  35. Robert Ott - Public Works Director
  36. Russell Still - Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent
  37. Samantha Estabrook - Planner I - Resiliency
  38. Shaun Linenberger - Housing Rehab Inspector
  39. Susan Adams - Director
  40. Sydni Baker - Recreation Specialist - Aquatics
  41. Tammy Jones - Administrative Assistant & Membership Coordinator
  42. Theresa Mueller - Parks & Recreation Community Relations Officer

    Contact Theresa Mueller - Parks & Recreation Community Relations Officer

  43. Vivienne Uccello - Public Information Officer

    Contact Vivienne Uccello, Public Information Officer

  44. Wynn Butler - Mayor Pro Tem


  1. Go Paperless

    Go paperless with e-billing for your city water/sewer bill. Help the city — and the taxpayer — save money by switching today.

  2. Special Assessments Contact Form
  1. Social Services Donation Form

Licenses & Permits

  1. Internal Street Banner Permit Application

    Apply to place a banner for a period not to exceed 14 days on Moro Street in Aggieville and/or on Anderson Avenue near Westloop.

  1. Street Banner Permit Application

    Apply to place a banner for a period not to exceed 14 consecutive days on Moro Street in Aggieville and/or on Anderson Avenue near... More…

Peace Memorial

  1. Peace Memorial History - Riley County Veteran Information Submission Form

    Please fill out this form if you would like to share additional information about someone from Riley County who served in WWII.

  1. Peace Memorial Website Suggestions

Public Works

  1. Bulk Water Filling Station Application

    A Bulk Water Filling Station enables customers to conveniently purchase water for the purpose of filling water-hauling trucks or tanks... More…

Risk Reduction

  1. Application for Building Permit
  2. General or Trade Contractor License Application
  3. Rental Registration - Request Owner Login

    The first step in the owner registration process involves getting a PIN number to log in to the owner management system. Please fill... More…

  4. Sign Permit Application

    FM Import

  1. Curb Cut Application
  2. Miscellaneous Permit Application
  3. Request an Interior Inspection

    Request an interior inspection of your home or apartment by the Risk Reduction department.

  4. Temporary Sign Registration Multiple Family Residential Zones

    Temporary Signs that are six (6) square feet or less, and Temporary Signs associated with a single or two-family dwellings, are not... More…