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City Snow Partners Volunteer Form

  1. Are you the primary contact for your organization?

  2. If you are a minor, a parent or legal guardian must complete this online form.

  3. Do you have a valid drivers license?*

  4. Will you have access to a vehicle during the 2018-19 winter season?*

    Access to a car is not necessary. This information will help us for matching purposes.

  5. Do you have access to snow removal equipment?*

    If not, some shovels are available for use from the City of Manhattan.

  6. What does your possible availability for snow removal look like?*

  7. Are you able to commit to be a Snow Partner for the entire 2018-19 winter season?*

    The most critical need is during school and holiday breaks. Volunteer availability during these times is important.

  8. Are you also interested in helping pick up branches/debris after other storms throughout the year?*

  9. Liability waiver*

    All volunteers must read the City Snow Partners liability waiver provided below and agree to its terms prior to participation.

    I, the undersigned, being a volunteer involved in the City of Manhattan City Snow Partners Program (hereinafter “the Program”), or being the parent or legal guardian of such a volunteer in the Program, in consideration for my or another’s participation in the Program hereby, for myself and any volunteer for whom I am a parent or legal guardian, release, discharge, and hold harmless the City of Manhattan, and their officers and employees from any and all actions, causes of action, claims or any liabilities whatsoever, known or unknown, now existing or which may arise in the future on account of or in any way related to or arising out of my participation in the Program.

    I further state that I am aware of and understand the inherent risks, hazards and dangers associated with removing snow from sidewalks, including threats to life and limb, such as the possibility of slipping and falling on snow or ice, being exposed to harsh weather conditions (cold temperatures and precipitation), and perhaps experiencing complications associated with the weather conditions and physical exertion (fainting, collapse, exhaustion or other more serious complications). I understand that these are examples of the risks, hazards and dangers associated with removing snow from sidewalks but not necessarily a complete list.

    I further state that my physical health (if I am the volunteer) or the physical health of any volunteer for whom I am a parent or legal guardian, is now and will be during the volunteer’s participation in the Program, sufficiently sound to permit such person(s) to safely participate in this Program.

    I further state that I understand that volunteers for all purposes, including workers compensation, are not employees of the City Snow Partners Program or the City of Manhattan. Finally, I understand that the Program and the City of Manhattan are not responsible for injury or death to myself or any volunteer for whom I am a parent or legal guardian which may occur while acting as a volunteer.

    By checking this box I am acknowledging that I have read and agree to the all of the terms of the City Snow Partners Program liability waiver.

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