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Minor Review Application for Historic Resources

  1. This application is for smaller-scale projects affecting historic properties (properties listed on the State or National Register, or are located in a Historic District) that require a permit. Examples include signs, small additions, interior renovations, modifications or demolition of accessory structures, and some zoning actions. This form must be submitted and you must receive a Letter of Approval regarding the project before a permit can be issued. Contact Ben Chmiel at (785) 587-2438 or with any questions.
  2. Applicant Information
  3. Property Owner Information
  4. Project Description
  5. Type of work proposed (check all that apply)*
  6. Photo Upload
    Please upload up to twelve high quality photos below (at least 1 MB each) of the existing property, including the exterior of the property and any areas or features proposed to be modified as part of the project.
  7. Document Upload
    Please upload any site plan drawings, sketches, sign renderings, or any other documents depicting proposed modifications to the property. PDFs are preferred. Upload up to six.
  8. Sign and Awning Agreement*
    I ensure as the contractor and/or applicant that any sign or awning that may be associated with this project and mounted on a historic stone or brick building facades shall be attached to the brick or stone mortar, not the stone or brick face, in order to minimize damage to the stone or brick.
  9. Please sign this form by entering your first and last name below
    Within two days of submission, you will be contacted via the applicant email address you provided regarding a determination on your project. Note that more information or documentation may be requested before a determination can be made. A permit cannot be issued for the project until you receive a Letter of Approval from City Administration regarding its historic review.
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