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Risk Reduction

  1. Application for Building Permit
  2. Application For Trades Test Sponsorship

    In order to take the Prometric licensing exam, the individual needs to be sponsored.

  3. Curb Cut Application
  4. Individual Trade License Application
  5. Miscellaneous Permit Application
  6. Request an Interior Inspection

    Request an interior inspection of your home or apartment by the Risk Reduction department.

  7. Temporary Sign Registration Multiple Family Residential Zones

    Temporary Signs that are six (6) square feet or less, and Temporary Signs associated with a single or two-family dwellings, are not... More…

  1. Application for Demolition Permit
  2. Apprentice Registration Application
  3. General or Trade Contractor License Application
  4. License Renewal Form

    License Renewal Form

  5. Rental Registration - Request Owner Login

    The first step in the owner registration process involves getting a PIN number to log in to the owner management system. Please fill... More…

  6. Sign Permit Application

    FM Import