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Application for Building Permit

  1. RR Letterhead 2019

  2. Building Permit Application

    All Fields Required Unless Not Applicable

  3. PLEASE MAKE SURE this is the address of the project being permitted.

  4. Required for all new or upsized connections and incurs a separate fee based on meter size.

  5. Is an irrigation system being installed?*

  6. (type "NA" if not a dedicated meter)

  7. Intended Use*

  8. Residential

  9. Basement

  10. If new construction, write "new construction"


    30% of the total permit fee for all COMMERCIAL PROJECTS IS TO BE PAID AT TIME OF APPLICATION. Plan review process will not begin until this payment is received. Payment can be made in person at the Risk Reduction Office, by mail (checks payable to City of Manhattan) or online at the link below.

  12. If fee has been waived, enter 0

  13. Electronic submittal of application and plans is preferred.

    Please attach a complete PDF set of drawings to this application or deliver on CD or other portable storage device to the Risk Reduction office. Incomplete or partial drawing sets will delay the plan review process. If hard copy plans are submitted, only one set is required.

    Please note, the file upload size limit is 25MB.

  14. Please note the following:

    Construction documents submitted with application for a permit shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of work proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the currently adopted codes of the City of Manhattan and relevant laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.

  15. I understand and agree that by typing my name above I am providing a legal signature on this application for the building permit.

  16. Residential Application Submittal Checklist

  17. Required Information

  18. Deck Framing Plan

  19. Wall Section

  20. Commercial Application Checklist:

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