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Curb Cut Application

  1. Risk Reduction
    Fee: $15.00
  3. (if different than applicant)
  4. Excluding Flares
  5. Including Flares
  6. Length of existing curb to be removed
  7. Is the existing driveway being removed?*
  8. Are you creating a second driveway?*
  9. Show existing and proposed driveway and curb cut dimensions, location of water meter, and distance of driveway to closest lot line.
  10. * Make sure that the water meter will NOT be paved over
  11. **Applications are not valid until all paperwork and payments are received by the Risk Reduction office
  12. It is our policy to provide individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of, our services, programs and activities. In order for us to provide a suitable accommodation, we ask that you request what assistance you desire by contacting the Risk Reduction Department, 2000 Denison Ave., Manhattan, KS, or by calling (785) 587-4506 or call the TDD Kansas Relay Center at (800) 766-3777. We are here to assist you.
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