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License Renewal Form

  1. RR Letterhead 2019

  2. Dear license holder,

    To renew your contractor and/or trade license, please submit renewal notice, continuing education certificates, and proof of insurance (if applicable) using the form below.

  3. PLEASE NOTE: We will be issuing your new license cards electronically this year. A valid email will be REQUIRED to receive your new license card, and all future renewal notifications will be communicated via email.

    Please follow the steps below to renew your license(s). If you have any questions, please call the Risk Reduction Office at 785.587.4506.

  4. • General Contractor and Sign Contractor License:

  5. • Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Plumbing/Mechanical Combination, Drainlayer, and Irrigation Contractor Licenses:

  6. • Individual Trade License: Master or Journeyman


  8. Required as proof of education hours

  9. *After submitting your renewal form and proper paperwork, we will review and send you an "ok to pay" email with a link to pay online.

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